Freeways for Fish

Our Approach

Freeways for Fish partnered with diverse stakeholder groups in the community to improve the connectivity of the rivers and streams that are an integral part of our lives. By removing outdated dams and restoring floodplains, we helped make streams more resilient in the face of warmer, drier climate conditions. Putting the meander back into our stream networks and replanting native shrubs and trees along streambanks helps our rivers and riparian areas to better absorb flood waters, sustain higher flows later in the summer, and provide shade to cool water temperature.

Freeways for Fish also focused on restoring fish passage at road culverts and irrigation diversion structures. By removing impediments and redesigning necessary structures, we made it possible for migratory fish like salmon, trout, and lamprey to reach historic spawning grounds, resting pools, and the cool water they need. 


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